With our more than four decades’ global experience in bespoke luxury travel, we do what we love best: surprise and delight our clients.

Our passion is putting together adventures like no others, through five-sense experiences that leave you absorbed with the essence of every destination.

We’re convinced that travel is not just getting from point A to point B. There’s always something more—a dream, a wish, allure. We’ll be your allies when you’re ready to get out of the box that is conventional tourism and travel differently. On a journey that has you savoring all the best, and creates memories you’ll return to time after time.

That’s what we call a real souvenir!

NUBA Incoming is a receiving agency specialized in luxury travel experiences throughout Mexico. Through profound knowledge of our country, we’re in place to welcome you and show you the marvels of a land filled with contrasts and experiences undertaken nowhere else. Regardless of what kind of trip you’re taking (family vacation, honeymoon, a check-out from everyday stresses), you can be sure you’re in expert hands with a team commitment to offer you the kind of service that has always characterized us. Get ready for the best of everything.

Why Mexico?

For starters, the country has just about everything. And we love it! The UN has named it a “megadiverse nation” that occupies just one percent of the world’s total landmass but is home to 10% of the planet’s total biodiversity. Mexico’s famed beaches are just one part of the nation’s widely diverse ecosystems that range from the loftiest mountain summits to the deepest parts of the sea. Rivers, lakes, the ocean, reefs, islets, forests and jungles, deserts, mountains and mountain ranges, even volcanoes… Imagine the thrill of these breathtaking natural landscapes, colored by flowers and up-close wildlife, and, not least of all, blessed by Mexico’s notably varied but typically temperate climates. Mexico nature is a spectacle you can enjoy for meditation, exploration and even a variety of Xtreme and other outdoor sports. Perfect for your wild side.

Mexico’s history is a very present past; we take great pride in our roots. The nation’s archaeological zones contain pre-Hispanic artifacts whose heritage is tangible to the present day. Standout sites include Chichén Itzá, on the Yucatán Peninsula, the legendary Maya city UNESCO named a World Heritage Site in 1988 and that also acquired “Wonder of the World” status in 2007; or Teotihuacán, a pre-Hispanic city in Mexico State, itself declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1987. Many of Mexico’s innumerable museums—located all over the country—bear witness to the nation’s centuries-long history. Without the past as a context, we couldn’t understand the present—and Mexico overflows with a lot of present, to be sure!

“Is there anyone who doesn’t love Mexican food? Its combination of colors, flavors, aromas, textures and cultures almost defies description.”

Every state in the nation has its set of unique recipes and all together the options-range is as varied as you could ever imagine. Whether it’s sweet, savory or a little of both, spicy or not, get your palate ready for a culinary sensation that stirs all the senses. And then you’ve got the beverages: rich, fine coffees; kicky artisanal beers, fruit-ades known as aguas frescas featuring almost anything you could pick from a tree or vine. And don’t forget to try drinks like pulque, mezcal and tequila. The list goes on and on.

There’s a lot that eludes perfect description in Mexico. Its architecture, music, dance, artisanal crafts and fine arts, its culture and customs take on a singular appeal that has led to worldwide recognition. Don’t miss contrasts between big cities and Mexico’s pueblos mágicos (i.e., “magical towns”); you’ll think you’re in a whole other country.

Wherever you choose to go, the Mexican people are the real stars. Ours is a warm territory where guests are especially welcomed. Above all, NUBA teams offer service and dedication you won’t find anywhere else. We want your visit to be the start of a love affair with Mexico you carry in your heart. With NUBA you’re more than just a tourist. In fact, you’re the guest of honor. Which in Mexico means poking into the kitchen and becoming one of the family.

Why travel with NUBA Incoming?

  • Practical and agile

Deep knowledge of the places you’ve dreamed of seeing is a distinct advantage. We tailor options that support your travel goals and go with your tastes and interests. Our expertise in the game means we can quickly reduce lag time and rapidly execute your design for true travel. Tell us about the dream and we’ll make it a reality.

  • Smart, civilized travel

True luxuries go beyond any price and provide extraordinary comfort, fewer crowds and more focus on you. That these experiences are for you and your party alone is one of the very best parts of the journey, where you get much more than what you simply paid. Our priority isn’t our gain; it’s yours.

  • Sticklers for details

NUBA focuses on its travelers’ total satisfaction. First-hand experience has taught us what people need. When we collaborate with travelers on NUBA itineraries, you get a feeling for an extraordinary commitment to what we know best: quality and excellence, with intelligent attention paid to details that transform travel into something much more profound and moving.

What do you get?



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If like people, every trip is different, why would you do the same thing as everyone else? We know Mexico better than anyone else and we’re eager to show it to you in all the country’s facets. You journey is entirely custom-designed based on your most eager interests, your overall style and how fast—or slow— you like to go. Mexico is not just something you casually know; instead, you use all five senses to live it. Rare, moving, sensorial experiences are the big surprise with NUBA.



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The place you’re staying is just as important as any place you’ll visit. No NUBA lodging is ever anything less than airtight safe, peaceful, comfortable and strikingly beautiful. In any corner of Mexico we’re on the lookout for the most extraordinary properties that mean your stay is as splendid as possible. You’ll discover harmonies between the mega-deluxe and an easygoing vibe; between architectural assertions and good-old Mother Nature; settings that enrich an already perfect journey. It’s no surprise you’ll linger just to experience all the amenities and services, surrounded by a private staff’s smiles and support.



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We’re proud to have you meet our teams. More than just guides, they are travel allies. Whether it’s history, culture or customs, NUBA guides are true experts, disarmingly passionate about their specialties. We think they know more about places than even local residents. With them, everything takes on new meaning. Besides just speaking your language, NUBA guides draw attention to and keep you from missing what you might otherwise not notice, right in front of your eyes.

They take on a genuine concern for your interests and tastes, so you’ll hit the best places to eat; snag VIP seats and tables; guides show you lesser-known, better outlooks; show you the best places for photojournalism (and amateur shutterbugs too); or present you to the region’s most interesting personalities. They’ve got everything buttoned down and they’re three steps ahead so you relax and forget there was ever such a thing as hassle or SNAFU.



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We’re ready whenever you are. Whether by air, land or sea, we’re always there with private transportation that gets you to your destination in grand, elegant style; your comfort is always paramount from beginning to end. On-road experience, discretion, chop-chop punctuality and excellent services are what you’ll often hear about NUBA people who handle this key logistic that avoids turbulence and bumps in the road.



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We don’t just want to call you by name. Teams can’t resist an interest in who you really are as a better approach to serving. Cookie-cutter tourists content themselves with pre-packaged tours. But you’ve always traveled well and this time it’s with NUBA Incoming. We’re specialists in the fine art of wayfaring and doing things right, and there’s only one way—your way. With NUBA you enjoy exclusive benefits and VIP treatment; we anticipate your needs for unparalleled service at any hour of the day or night.



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The obvious is always expected, but many extraordinary surprises emerge from NUBA details. They’re those peculiar, seemingly unimportant elements that turn itineraries into amusing tales, give rise to smiles and feeling special, important, maybe a tiny bit spoiled. You’ll remember them long after travel ends. Our pledge is to go beyond your expectations. We think it has a lot to do with an unceasing attention and excellence when it comes to the little things, too.