Baja California

Warm air wafts through sand-forests that lie in Mexico’s last corner. It runs free, despite an irregular topography, amid colossal saguaro cacti that hold vigil over the rolling hills and dunes of this magnificent, imposing natural sanctuary. We’re in Mexico’s northernmost, most authentic state, Baja California, characterized by an odd climate that blends the desert’s full power with the cool seas that bathe it. To the west roars the always active Pacific Ocean and to the east awaits the calm, noble Sea of Cortés.

Those who always go with first impressions might think Baja is an inhospitable land where life, and even more, travel, would be impossible. True travelers know they have to discard preconceived notions and wayfarers in Baja find themselves ever-more-delighted with the region’s “good things,” whose nearness to the United States has turned it into a relaxing getaway that’s a magnet to those who love it luxe…at the same time it attracts a kicky, alternative scene. Here the most demanding travelers have found themselves a platform where the wine flows freely at vineyards stretched extensively across the state’s rich, mineral soils; where the scrumptious food is not just tasted but always remembered.

While the Guadalupe Valley has become Mexico’s main area for wine production, and has led to the fact that nine out of ten of the nation’s wine labels are cultivated in that very privileged location, Ensenada is a gorgeous excuse to experience the very latest regional gastronomic trend, for Mexico and the world. It’s called Baja Med and gourmands on five continents are raving about its sublime food and wine pairings. At NUBA Incoming we know one great way to cultivate experiences like no others before is “hand-in-hand” with two, complementary places that in tandem create one of the chicest scenes in the entire country. The fact is It is not just cellars awash in the finest domestic vintages or the culinary genius currently on high flame throughout Baja that are getting all the laurels, by the way. A vibrant street-food scene is also serving up pure enjoyment adjacent to the high-profile banquet and attracts some of the pickiest, but most ambitious palates from every corner of the planet. So get ready—Baja promises to unleash your hedonistic side in ways you never imagined.

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TIJ – Tijuana International Airport

MXL – Mexicali International Airport

Time Zone


Driving Distances

Tijuana – Ensenada (1h 40m)
Tijuana – Mexicali (3h)


  • Warm year round
  • Highest temperatures from May to September

Best Months For Traveling

Year round and November to April highly recommended.

Tipping Customs (MXN)

High-end restaurants: 15-20%

Casual restaurants: 15%

Drivers: $200-$300 daily

Guides: $300-$500 daily