Yucatán and Environs

Hidden amid an expansive jungle’s long lianas, the Maya spirit reins throughout the Yucatán and surrounding territory as part of an awe-inspiring mysticism. The region—dwelling of the gods, home to the jaguar’s roar and dozens of ancient cities—proclaims a single motto: “Welcome to the Kingdom of the Millennial Histories.”

With just a few steps on the region’s spongy soils, the essence of long-ago cultures bubbles up at slight provocation, transfiguring every object and living being within its dominions. Maya lands are home to a blazing sun, enchanted sinkholes known as cenotes, ongoing worship of Maya deities Kukulkán and Itzamná alongside veneration of all souls that for three thousand years have protected all that exists in Yucatán.

Whether it’s Celestún to Ek Balam; moving through the whitewashed state capital, Mérida; Izamal’s whimsical egg-yolk-yellow or Chichén Itzá’s mythical beauty; Valladolid’s gracious sobriety; the Yucatán leaves you sighing with pleasure time and again. Emotions are similar regarding the regional cuisine. Food in the Yucatán is one of Mexico’s most complex and exquisite iterations. Beyond its aromatic ingredients and special preparations, it is one of the very few world cuisines that involves the entire family, whose unifying task forges an intimate notion of collaboration Yucatecos have maintained for centuries. It’s no surprise the region has become so bright a jewel in Mexico’s travel and hospitality crown.


Originally famed for a clustered set of henequen haciendas that took on weaving the fiber, a great boon to the peninsula, today these venerable mansions and gardens have become sanctuaries offering extraordinary experiences to the most demanding travelers—the ones who are never quite satisfied and want everything; the ones who seek and demand every comfort and service. At NUBA Incoming we know if there’s any place where you can give free rein to caprice, this is it.

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MID – International Airport of Mérida

Time Zone


Driving Distances

Cancún to Mérida (3h 40m)

Campeche to Mérida (2h 30m)

Mérida to Celestún (3h 30m)

Mérida to Progreso (40m)


The state has a subtropical-tropical climate that oscillates for most of the year between 25 and 38˚C. Winter brings slightly cooler temperatures.

Best Months For Traveling

From November to February, when the climate is more temperate or even chilly for a moment or two.

Tipping Customs (MXN)

High-end restaurants: 15-20%

Casual restaurants: 15%

Drivers: $200-$300 daily

Guides: $300-$500 daily