Oaxaca lies between its deep sea and mountains that scrape the sky; is home to the nation’s most ancient spirits, in colonial architecture that looks better than ever. Nature meets modern times at a point between past and present. Oaxaca is a land of epochs, fantasy and miracles made real. A state so replete with color and culture, it’s become one of Mexico’s most authentic and essential places.

It’s home as well to the country’s widest variety of indigenous groups; and is a never-ending crossroads featuring artisanal crafts like alebrije monster figurines, dazzling embroidery and shiny-black barro negro pottery (and that’s just the start). There are marvelous cuisines and a cloud-9 of irresistible cities designated as pueblos mágicos (“magical towns”), including Capulálpam de Méndez, Huautla de Jiménez, Mazunte, Mitla and Teposcolula. In each, Oaxaca condenses its rich, ancient cosmology, traditions and natural riches that include everything from highlands more than 3000 meters up to caverns that plunge remarkably close to the center of the Earth. Besides those bits of heaven, the state contains all manner of great attractions; you’ll see virgin beaches, hidden jungles and incredible valleys where life seems slower and more sanguine. The state capital, Oaxaca de Juárez, is a shining star (also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site), the state’s most important urban center, that’s a winsome mix of harmonies; grand and grandly carved green-limestone architecture and a thousand peaceful corners that leverage the deliciously temperate weather.

At NUBA Incoming, we know Oaxaca wouldn’t be what it is today without mentioning its long, wondrous coastline, where the ocean is a blue-blanket of surf and, sometimes, surprisingly calm. Here reign charming towns, like Puerto Escondido, a surfers’ hideaway; or Huatulco—“place of the nine bays”—just two of many sun-and-sand hotspots where you’ll discover wide-ranging accommodations including everything from romantic bungalows to elegant, all-inclusive resorts. Oaxaca is a gorgeous setting for adventures, hikes into the sierra and every seaside diversion; exploring lost cultures and everything wise travelers are looking for in Mexico’s vibrant soul.

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OAX – Oaxaca International Airport

PMX – Puerto Escondido International Airport

HUX – Greater Huatulco Bay International Airport

Time Zone


Driving Distances

Oaxaca – Puerto Ángel (5h 30m)
Oaxaca – Puerto Escondido (6h 20m)


  • Warm year round
  • Frequent rains in July and August

Best Months For Traveling

Year round and November to April highly recommended.

Tipping Customs (MXN)

High-end restaurants: 15-20%

Casual restaurants: 15%

Drivers: $200-$300 daily

Guides: $300-$500 daily