Quintana Roo

Like a piece of heaven stolen from the sky, the state of Quintana Roo oscillates between the sublime and the unreal. It’s a place where moments become eternal caresses, thanks to the perfect life-triad: sun, sand and sea. They flourish in the state’s most attractive part, the Mexico Caribbean, that’s also a gateway to a veritable ocean of attractions like archaeological sites, colorful towns, theme parks, turquoise- and emerald-hued lagoons, subterranean realms and not least of all, the entrances to the state’s very heart though enchanting sinkholes called cenotes.

That said, the sheer beauty of this emotional epicenter doesn’t just reside in the peninsula’s huge luminaria lamps that blaze across the night sky; it’s also inherent to flavors, aromas and textures, largely thanks to Maya pueblos’ rich heritage. Additionally, Mexico’s southernmost region is an encounter with magnificent, soothing sites for rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a rustic, yet welcoming cabana; luxurious all-inclusive hotels; or that cute boutiquer in Tulum or Holbox; Quintana Roo mornings and nights are lived like no others anywhere.

Quintana Roo is for everyone—and is everyone. It’s a place where culture, adventure and sports—particularly golf—line up surprisingly to offer the best of each. When the sun goes down, Quintana Roo is a perfect place to enjoy vibrant nightlife at kicky shoreline bars and clubs.

At NUBA Incoming we know that far-south Quintana Roo is also perfect for those who are “xtreme” souls; and also for anyone who’s just looking to explore the world. It’s great for cooing couples in search of never-before-seen, sylvan love-nests; for beach-freaks or those who long to sleep inside beautiful, authentic palaces. NUBA Incoming takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step into a universe of possibilities that’s right here on the ground in Mexico.

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CUN – Cancún International Airport

CZM – Cozumel International Airport

Time Zone


Driving Distances

Playa del Carmen (1h)

Tulum (1h50)

Mérida  (3h15)


Subtropical with 250 days’ annual sunshine and average temperatures between 24 and 25˚C. Coastal waters vary from 26 to 29˚C.

Best Months For Traveling

December to April, the dry season with cool to warm temperatures; May to November is the rainy season and hurricanes are not uncommon.

Tipping Customs (MXN)

High-end restaurants: 15-20%

Casual restaurants: 15%

Drivers: $200-$300 daily

Guides: $300-$500 daily