Travelers in search of adventure are some of our toughest customers; somehow they are wayfarers more aware of their own emotions; they always seek destinations that shake up all five senses.

Lucky for them, NUBA Incoming is well acquainted with three Mexico spots that guarantee equal parts hair-raising and goosebumps, even for the hard-cores.

Todos los Santos is a town in the south of the Baja Peninsula that challenges you to love the desert and its ally, the beach, on a wide variety of adventures. Whether it’s snorkeling or ATV sprees on the dunes, that wrap with some of the region’s most gorgeous sunsets, seeing is believing in this ever-notable pueblo mágico.

Further south, in Oaxaca to be exact, the journey takes on a different hue and becomes a cultural experience you’ll have a hard time resisting. From the capital to the shore, it’s pure magic and hundreds of elements that combine in a never-before-seen panorama. You’ll discover Zapotec legends, fresh-made chocolates, masterful design in barro negro pottery and omnipresent mescal pops. It’s an essential trip when your soul is aching for a great, big hug.

What can you say about the state of Chihuahua? It’s Mexico’s largest state in size and it hides amid soaring peaks and other fantastic rock formations. Here adventures come with a side order of breathtaking vista and never-before-experienced sensation aboard Mexico’s most adored train, the “Chepe,” that has become a regional icon. The perfect excuse for a deep dive into the country’s majestic nature.