Food and Wine

In Mexico we were already experts in the wine and spirits flights that have now become so high-toned. And even in encounters that reflect this new trend, we go back to a place that always adapts things on its own turf instead of the turf adapting to the foreign.

NUBA Incoming is certain Mexico’s flavors, both in our meccas for haute coctelerie and even more so when it comes to our fascinating cuisine.

In Ensenada, Baja California, for example, Mexican food has revolutionized in such a way that it created an entirely new culture, baja med, that combines traditional Mexican elements with Mediterranean ingredients to promote amalgamations of picante and olive that turn out to delight the palate. If that weren’t enough, very close by lies the Guadalupe Valley and its vineyards, Mexico’s most famous, where 90% of domestic labels are born.

In Mexico’s west and not far from Guadalajara, we happen on Tequila, the pueblo mágico that lends its name to the national distillate. And at that point it would make no sense to skip town without visiting a distillery or least participating in a tasting of the now legendary elixir. Take it neat or in a cocktail, Tequila is always a great excuse for making a journey that takes you deep into a tradition of quality before quantity.

And now that the subject of flavors has come up, you’ll need to make your way to the center of Mexico, where lies San Miguel de Allende. Its artistic, bohemian vibe has managed to attract proposals from all over the world to its currently blazing restaurant kitchens. The town’s presence in the wine-country of Mexico’s historic Bajío region—in league with Quéretaro vineyards—presents an alternative approach to local and visiting oenophiles.