Private Properties and Villas

Daily life can be exhausting. And stress takes an unexpected toll when we all need to detox and get away from the world. Achieving that distance is not just about vacationing a few miles from home, but has evolved to a complete concept whose inherent refuges are private villas. Places where rest and relaxation, privacy, intimacy and withdrawal are all part of the equation.

Not every destination can deliver that kind of unique getaway. But NUBA Incoming can especially recommend three places in Mexico that will never disappoint those in search of completely private lodgings—the Riviera Maya, the Riviera Nayarit and Los Cabos.

The first has undergone a massive evolution in the way it promotes tourism; this has led to innumerable diversifications, even in villas. The Riviera Maya features various options for temporary getaways, in a space that could be your own house, but without all the added stress. The experience is enhanced by offered services that range from golf course access to the deep unwind found at spas, each with its own proposals and techniques for washing out your worries.

On the Riviera Nayarit, newly favored by celebrities (including Kardashians!) for its discrete locations, even the non-famous can scout for lots of villa options that additionally have incorporated wellness and mindfulness principles. They offer amenities like private yoga and meditation classes, traditional beauty therapies, relaxing massages in sundry varieties and even private chefs at your entire service to prepare delicacies even when you observe a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

When speaking of intimacy—and villas touched by extraordinary comfort and luxury—you can’t leave out Los Cabos. Here you’ll find some of the chains that are most experienced in these matters and, as experts, know that sumptuousness is an excellent reason for experiments in pure hedonism that the destination now represents in Mexico.